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Welcome to Class 4

Class 2 a

In Class 4 we are lucky to have Miss Nicholson and Mrs Parr working with us!
This term we are looking at Dragons and Castles. We came to school one morning and found dragon eggs in the playground! We then watched footage of a dragon flying across our school!

In Literacy we are reading the story Eragon and looking at the features of fictional stories such as setting, characters and the sequence to the story. As part of our non-fiction reading we have been looking at How To Train Your Dragon and we will soon be writing instructions teaching everyone the best way to train their dragons!
In maths we are exploring calculation. So we have been practising adding and subtracting using various methods. We are focusing a lot on numbers and how they are inter-related in calculations particularly when inversed.

In geography and history we are exploring castles and their purpose. We have looked at the people who work in castles and compared their jobs to modern day jobs. Our favourite job in a castle was Gong Farmer because they had to clean out the garder robes!
In science we are exploring and experimenting with different materials and discussing their features and what they could be best used for. We will be identifying manmade and non-manmade materials and identifying the ways that various materials can be changed.
In DT we are going to be building a castle with a moving drawbridge but it needs to be strong enough to keep any naughty dragons out! We have also made cornflake cakes and are hoping to do some more baking soon. We have had a lot of fun making 3D dragons and labelling the different parts.

Please keep checking our website to find out what we will be doing next.