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Welcome to Class 10

Welcome to Class 10 – Year 6. My name is Miss Simmons and I am the Year 6 teacher who is supported by Mrs Wood.
Year 6 are ready for the challenges and demands of the final year of primary school.  To start this term off, we are going on a magical journey to the world of Hogwarts to find out “What makes Harry Potter so magical?” There will be many opportunities for writing including creating our own flashbacks relating to Harry Potter as well as a biography about the life of J.K Rowling. In Art and Design, we will be looking at the fascinating creatures from the film of Harry Potter whilst playing a game of Quidditch within our P.E lessons. In Maths we shall be focusing on shape and measures including angles, properties of shapes as well as conversions of measures.

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Monday and Tuesday will be P.E lessons, please make sure you always have your kit here on these days. English homework includes sessions of sustained reading and spellings each night. For Maths homework, children are expected to practice the multiplication and division facts to 12 X 12. 
At present, Year 6 pupils need to be thinking about revision in Maths and English ready for the KS2 Curriculum tests in May. Children also need to make sure they are attending after school booster clubs which will enable the children to achieve their full potential. Please also use these website pages to help develop your literacy and numeracy skills. There are many websites which help develop your skills using interactive programs. Use these regularly and challenge yourself to keep achieving your targets.
Watch this space for exciting news and more pictures on the journey the children make this year!
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