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Welcome to Class 5!  (Ms Fleming & Mrs Johnstone)

What did the world find out by cracking the code on this ancient stone?

Class 5 have had an intriguing start to the year.
First, an interesting message arrived from a mysterious visitor.

We used a key to help us work out clues written in one of the languages on the stone to find hints about our new topic.


It led us to:



his term, class 5 will be travelling back in time to explore Ancient Egypt. In literacy we will be reading action-packed adventure stories, focussed at first on the story 'Jeremy Brown and the Mummies Curse' - an adventure story set in Egypt. We will be inventing our own adventurous characters and will learn all about Egypt, as the exciting setting for our stories, as we become authors. In our topic work we will find out all about the differences of life in Ancient times compared with that of today.
What can be done at home to support your child's learning?
Help your child establish good learning habits:

  • by listening to them read regularly and asking questions about what they have read (drop in if you would like any help with this).
  • Help your child to learn their x tables.
  • Help your child practise telling the time.
  • Support your child in practising their key word spellings.
  • Research your own information together about Ancient Egypt at the library or by using the internet.

We hope to share our work with you later in the term with a museum of our work and Egyptian activity time -watch out for the date!



Reminder - PE days are Monday and Tuesday.