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Welcome to Class 6 Teacher – Mr Jensen TA – Mrs Burke


We have been slower than other year groups to start our topic due to our daily swimming sessions (fantastic pictures to come), but we are now studying the fascinating history, culture and geography of Ancient Egypt, focusing on iconic features such as the River Nile, tombs, artefacts, the pyramids and mummification. Can we crack the Ancient Egyptian code? Will we discover the real importance of hieroglyphics and what decoding their meaning meant for history? Yes we will!



Running closely besides our topic work is science, where we will learn about the functions and purpose of the human skeleton. We will look closely at what humans and other animals need to eat in order to be healthy and grow, and discover why exercise is so important for our development and health. In Ancient Egypt, humans may have eaten different things, lived in a different environment and spoke in a different language, but we will soon see that human bodies over time and across the world, are very much the same!



To bring our topic to life, we are reading Jeremy Brown and The Mummy’s Curse, which is an exciting adventure story following a young boy and his sidekick on a mission to Egypt, where they aim to solve the mystery of the ancient curse. Will Jeremy solve the mystery or will giant mummies rule the world? We are yet to see! Pupils in Class 6 have been reading the story closely, using excellent comprehension skills to not only deduce meaning about plot and characters, but to also identify exciting vocabulary that they have then used in their own writing. So far, we have written letters to Jeremy’s parents persuading them that going on a school trip to Egypt is a fabulous, educational opportunity. We have been learning to use speech marks, pronouns, connectives, adverbial phrases and much more, making us confident writers! Next, we will be writing our very own adventure stories!
In mathematics, we have become confident with partitioning, place value, ordering positive and negative numbers, and reading coordinates. We are now starting to learn both mental and written strategies for adding large and tricky numbers. Pupils in Class 6 are making excellent progress!



One of the many improvements that Class 6 are showing in their work, is the high standard of handwriting. We regularly practise joining our letters correctly and have already awarded three of our pupils a pen license at this early stage in the year! There will be lots more pens handed out over the coming months.