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Welcome to Class 7 – Mrs Orhan, Miss Grant and Mrs Poulter


Welcome to Class 7 – Mrs Orhan, Miss Grant and Mrs Poulter

We have made a great start to the year in Class 7. For the last three weeks, we have been visiting the pool at John Whitgift Academy as part of our PE curriculum. We have made amazing progress and we are very proud of what we have achieved, whether it’s improving our swimming skills or our confidence in the water.


egypt 7

We have also made a start on our topic work for this term, Cracking the code of Ancient Egypt. We received an email from an anonymous sender. It had 2 video messages attached, so we decided to watch them to see who they were from. To our great surprise, what appeared to be a large, talking statue started talking to us and said that if we wanted to know who he was and where he came from we would have to crack the ancient code. So we jumped to the challenge and discovered it was The Sphinx from Ancient Egypt and that he lives in Cairo.


egypt2 egypt 3


We are really excited to travel back to the land of the Ancient Egyptians and learn all about their daily lives, the pyramids, what they believed happened after they died but above all else the gory bits of how to make a Mummy. In English, we are following the adventures of Jeremy Brown as he fights against the Mummy’s curse and we will be looking at Egyptian creation stories and creating our own.

Towards the end of our topic work we will be inviting parents into school for our Celebration morning. We will be setting up our own museum to display our artefacts, we will give you the chance to crack hieroglyphic messages yourselves and make your own Egyptian necklace and cartouche.

Please try to read regularly.    Remember, PE is on Monday and Tuesday!!