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Welcome to Class 8!


This term we are delving into the powerful, war filled and clever world of the Ancient Greeks, we have already begun to decode their language and debate their city states! By the end of term we will be knowledgeable on all things Greek!



Class 8’s Hoplite shields and Ancient Greek statues!



In Literacy we are exploring different Myths and Legends including using drama to bring the Trojan horse and the monstrous Minotaur back to life, as Lauren the Minotaur so fantastically highlights!



We love to work in groups as well as independently to explore and research the Ancient Greek culture using books, the internet and first-hand accounts. Whilst sharing everything we discover as Class 8 historians through drama, documentaries, newspaper reports, information books and debates!

In class 8 we are avid readers and we encourage each other to find the books that we LOVE to read to ensure we are enjoying our reading every evening. Each week we explore our own books brought in from home that we want to learn more about!
Mr.Lofts and Mrs.Cozens