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Welcome to class 9 ( Miss Hamilton and Mrs Patterson) 


Class 9 have had a fantastic start to the new term. When we arrived back we found a large, old wooden box with a big message on the front in strange letters. When we decoded the message it read: DO NOT OPEN! Curiosity got the better of us and when we opened it, lots of bad things spilled into the room like; hates greed, poverty, old age, disease, greed and death.

The next day we arrived to find a strange light coming out of the box. When we opened it, a beautiful light appeared called Hope.


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What will we be learning this term?

This term, class 9 will be travelling back in time to explore the land of the Ancient Greeks. In literacy we will be reading lots of Greek myths and researching the different heroes and gods that appear in the story. We will be reading the book ‘Percy Jackson and the lightening thief’ to identify the given features before writing our own Greek myths. This will be enhanced by studying Ancient Greece in our history topic were children will be able to research how people lived during that time. Our main theme for this topic will be to look at what the Ancient Greeks did for our modern world, and we will be constructing buildings in design and technology to replicate Ancient Greek buildings.



Would you like to come and see what the children have been doing?

During the beginning of December, we would love to invite you to our ‘Ancient Greek culture day’ were you can see the children’s work, taste some Greek food and watch the children perform some drama and written stories.
What can you do at home to help your child’s learning?
•    Listen to your child read their reading book and ask questions about what they are reading.
•    Help your child to learn their x table’s cards that they bring home to practice. (This includes their x tables and division facts|)
•    Help your child learn and practice their spellings that they bring home.
•    Research your own information about Ancient Greece at the library or using the internet.


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