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Mrs C. Plaskitt

Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs S. Fawn

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Manager
and Safeguarding Officer

Mrs E. Taylor

Learning Mentor

Mrs C. Towill

Administration Team

School Business Manager

Mrs W. Hanslip

Senior Admin Assistant

Mrs L. Boyd

Finance Office

Miss A. Stitchell

Reprographics Apprentice

Miss C. Parrish

Phase Leaders

Early Years Leader/SENCo and Nursery Teacher
(Little Acorns Class)

Miss K. Brougham

Key Stage 1 Leader and Year 2  Teacher
(Silver Birch Class)

Mrs R Harter

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader/SENCo and Year 3 Teacher
(Baobab Class)

Mrs T. Phillipson

Upper Key Stage 2 Leader and Year 6 Teacher
(Bonsai Class)

Miss H. Cowl

Early Years Team

Nursery Teacher
(Little Acorns Class)

Mrs S. Laister

Reception Teacher
(Palm Class)

Mrs C. King

Reception teacher
(Sycamore Class)

Mrs H. Pilfold

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs D. Jackson

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs O. Benefer

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Teacher

(Maple Class)


Miss H. Walton

Year 1 Teacher

(Cherry Class)


Mrs J. Steabler

Year 2 Teacher

(Banyan Class)


Miss T. Fleming



Key Stage 2

Year 6 teacher

(Blossom Class)


Miss R. Washer


Year 5 teacher

(Juniper Class)


Miss D. Hamilton

Year 4 teacher

(Elm Class)


Mrs N. Bulbeck

Year 4 teacher

(Willow Class)


Miss S. Limb

Year 3 teacher

(Larch Class)


Miss J. Smith

KS 2 French teacher


Miss F. Brookes

Year 3 and 4 Intervention teacher

(Dragon Tree Class)


Mr S. Wilson

Support Assistant


Mrs H. Cozens

Support Assistant


Mrs J. Mazzaferro

Support Assistant 


Mrs K. Johnstone

Support Assistant


Mrs A. Paterson

Support Assistant


Mrs A . Wood

Support Assistant


Mrs D. Pykett

Support Assistant


Mrs S. Ireland

Support Assistant


Mrs M. Burke

Support Assistant


Mrs N. Parr

Support Assistant Apprentice


Miss S. Samcoe

Support Assistant


Mrs J. Houltby

Support Assistant


Miss C. Grant