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Welcome to Class 1 Teacher – Miss Bateman T/A – Mrs Mazzerferro

Welcome to Year 1.
This term is going to be very exciting! Our learning is going to be influenced by the theme ‘Dragons and Dungeons’.
Only last week did we have to take the role of a detective and find clues for whom/what had entered our school grounds. After finding some giant eggs and markings we checked our school CCTV. Only then did we discover the intruder was in fact a dragon! As a result we have all shown lots of excitement and questions focused on this topic.


We are currently reading a book called The Paper Bag Princess written by Robert Munsch. We have acted out scenes and created some lovely pieces of writing with lots of great adjectives. We have also created some lovely pieces of art work based on the three characters (Princess Elizabeth, Prince Ronald and the dragon).
In topic we have been learning about materials and their properties. We have looked at common materials and discussed suitable materials to build a castle.
Well done Class 1, we have had a great start to the year!