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Welcome to Class 2 Teacher – Mrs McGuire TA – Mrs Ireland

Well, what a great start to the new school year we have had! This is going to be an exciting term with lots going on.
At the beginning of term something weird and wonderful happened! We found large colourful eggs all over the school garden, cracks in the paths and scratches in the playground. We wondered what could it be…?
When we checked the CCTV we couldn’t believe our eyes. We saw a real live dragon flying over Grange Primary School!! Yes, a dragon had flown down, laid it’s eggs and wanted us to take care of them. How amazing!
Have you seen the Grange Dragon?

We are all very excited and are learning lots about dragons from stories, pictures and through research on the internet.

We have been reading a book called The Paper Bag Princess. This has inspired us to paint and draw lots of our own dragons and write exciting stories about them.
We have also enjoyed dressing up and acting out the story with our friends.

In science, we are learning all about different materials. We have been using construction toys and other materials to try to find out which is the best for building a castle.

We have even made a puppet model of the dragon from lots of junk materials.

On a hunt around school we looked for materials with different properties. We searched for materials that were rough and smooth, then for materials that were flexible and rigid. I wonder if we will find any more eggs.