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Curriculum Information

At Grange Primary School, we use a personalised curriculum which focuses on the teaching of skills. This helps to develop pupils not just academically but in all areas such as teamwork and perseverance preparing them for their next steps in life. The skills based approach explores real world problems and challenges.

Teachers find out what pupils know already and what they would like to learn. Using this, the National Curriculum and the key skills, teachers come up with a project and questions to investigate which will be personalised to their class.
Giving the children responsibility of their own learning has increased interest and motivation and is helping to ensure that tasks provide sufficient challenge. This active and engaged learning inspires children to obtain a deeper knowledge in the subjects they are studying.
A range of visits and visitors bring the curriculum alive for children. In Foundation Stage the curriculum follows children’s interest which is something we are developing through the rest of the school.

Pupils have at least two hours physical education during the week.
Religious Education lessons cover Christianity and other religions.

Promoting Fundamental British Values. Grange Primary School approaches the promotion of fundamental British values through everyday practise and the implementation of its SMSC calendar as well as the teaching and learning that occurs in our PSHCE curriculum. These British Values are: democracy; individual liberty; the rule of law; mutual respect; tolerance of those with different faiths and belief.

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