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Welcome to Grange Primary School in Grimsby! I am extremely proud to be the headteacher of such a wonderful, welcoming school and have the opportunity to work with such supportive staff and brilliant children. 

We currently have about 310 children on roll and as a school we are going from strength to strength.

 All of the staff at Grange pride themselves on being a friendly and inclusive school that works hard to pursue excellence and meet the needs of every one of our children. We constantly strive to engage our children in learning in a fun way to ensure that they all make good progress and attain well.

 We believe that all individuals are nurtured to flourish in our school by designing a bespoke key skills curriculum for all. We believe that it is just as important to raise self-esteem as well as academic ability so that we prepare our children for the next stage in their education. We pride ourselves on pursuing excellence for every child!

Our school prides itself on a being a family, the heart of a community, and working together to accomplish great things. All our staff have high expectations and are extremely dedicated to making a difference and finding new ways to make learning enjoyable.

Everyone is valued in our school and we all work in unity to ensure that we make every second count. Learning is precious and we want all our pupils to have a toolkit of skills, be resilient to problems and change but also show empathy and genuine care to others.

We are home to children with a variety of experiences, needs, backgrounds and abilities but they are surrounded by dedicated and devoted staff who provide them with first class learning experiences. We are very proud of our pupils’ behaviour, their care of each other and their enthusiasm to learn.

 We are extremely proud of our friendly and welcoming atmosphere which is noticed and commented upon by all who visit. We open our doors to other schools and professionals so that we constantly learn from others and this helps us shape the way that we teach. We do this by asking questions and enquiring into practice within the classroom.

 If you have never visited our wonderful school then please feel free to do so. We would be delighted to show you around and let you experience for yourself the wonderful work being done here at Grange Primary School.

We all look forward to meeting you,


Mrs Plaskitt