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Useful Documents



Below are some documents you may find useful. 

Paper copies of any of the documents are available, upon request, from the School Office.

Below are Leave of Absence Request Forms. Please remember that holidays will only be approved when exceptional circumstances are approved by the headteacher. Please ensure Leave of Absence forms are apporved prior to making any bookings.

File icon: doc Leave of Absence Request [doc 76KB] Click to download
File icon: docx Appointment Application [docx 32KB] Click to download

Nursery Application Form

Below is a copy of our application form if you wish for your child to start at Grange Nursery.

Please complete the form and return it to school as soon as possible.

Please note: we take children from the start of the term that they will turn 3 (limited number of spaces).

File icon: docx Nursery Application form [docx 28KB] Click to download

Home School Agreement

There is an expectation that every child and parent/carer will sign and uphold the standards set out in the home school agreement.

Below is a copy for you to access to remind you of the shool expectations.

File icon: docx Home school agreement (2018) [docx 32KB] Click to download

Safeguarding and Contact Information

To ensure that children leave the school premises safely we have in place the nominated adult forms. It is a parent/carers responsiblity to inform the school of any changes to adults who have permission to collect children. Please complete the form below if there are any changes and return it to the class teacher or school office promptly. 

Please remember we only allow adults who are identified on the form to collect children.


Important Pupil Information Update

From time to time there will be changes in parent/carer contact information, including emergency contact details, and sometimes children's medical needs. It is a parent/carers responsbility to notify the school of changes immediately. This can be done using the form below or by contacting the school office.


File icon: pdf Nominated Adult Form [pdf 82KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Important Pupil Information Update [pdf 313KB] Click to download

Permission Letters

Below are permission letters required to allow your children to:

1. Walk home alone (applicable to children in Year 3 to 6 only)

2. Ride a bike to school and leave it on the premises (even if they are accomapnied by an adult).

File icon: docx Permission to walk home alone (Key Stage 2 children only) [docx 29KB] Click to download
File icon: docx Cycling to School permission [docx 28KB] Click to download