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Welcome to Upper KS2 DT

This page will show you all the things our oldest children have been up to in their DT sessions. They awork incrediibly hard on their projects and we are all very proud of the work they produce. Please take your time to look through some of their work so far. 

Christmas DT Project 2018

This year, our children have taken part in a project focussed on cushions. They have learnt all about the history of the cushion (right back from ancient history in 7,000BC!), the use of cushions today and product users. In addition to this, our children have discussed specific aesthetic properties and the functional use of a cushion in order to become critical designers. 

They practiced a range of stitching techniques: running stitch, zig-zag stitch, backstitch and overstitch. They  also got to practice different methods of decorating their cushions by adding beads or buttons, attempting some embroidery (to add writing) and even having a go at appliquè to add a fabric design to the front. 


The cushions will be sold for £3.00 from the classrooms this week.