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CONGRATULATIONS!!! We have achieved the Eco School Bronze Award - next step the Silver. Keep up the good work Grange! 

Grange Primary School - Eco Page

Welcome to Grange Primary School's Eco Warrior Webpage. This page will tell you about our brand new Eco Warriors and some of work we are doing. We have just recently appointed our first ever Eco Warriors who are now working hard to encourage the rest of the school in order to get our Bronze Award. Their aim is to help our school become more eco-friendly and gain Eco School awards in the process.


Why do we have Eco Warriors?
Being an Eco Warrior is an ideal opportunity for our pupils to get more involved in the way our school is run and help us to be more environmentally friendly. It provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made. Eco Warriors take on the responsibility of expressing their own views, but also the views of their peers as well as passing on information from eco meetings. As an Eco Warrior, pupils have the opportunity to develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation.


Who can be an Eco Warrior? 
Any child at Grange Primary School can become an Eco Warrior. In September, each class across the school voted for their chosen Eco Warrior representatives after hearing why they wanted to represent their class. We now have 12 Eco Warriors from Year 1 right through to Year 6.


What do our Eco Warriors do?
Our Eco Warriors help to care for our school environment: they help others to follow our eco-code, monitor our energy use in class and encourage teachers and children to recycle. Our current Eco Warriors will take part in discussions and votes and feed back any relevant information to their class. At times they are requested to ask their class for ideas or take class votes relating to discussions by the Eco Committee. Members will meet regularly with Miss Washer to discuss their ideas.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to help us GET GREENER in any way, then why not pop into school and let us know.

Eco Committee Meeting Minutes

Here you can find all of our Eco meeting minutes to see what we are busy doing and see what issues we have been discussing.

File icon: pdf 22.1.18 [pdf 105KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 26.3.18 [pdf 115KB] Click to download

What's New?

March 2018: Our school will be participating in 'Waste Week' from Monday 5th March 2018. We are hoping to assess our levels of plastic waste we are producing at school and work on ways to decrease this. Our main focus will be looking at food packaging and trying to cut down on the amount of plastic bottles that are thrown away. Keep posted for more information soon! 

February 2018: We have achieved the Eco Schools Bronze Award!! 

December 2017: We have just set up a whole school recycling scheme to help us become more eco-friendly and keep our waste levels down. The children are doing a fantastic job so far! Keep it up.  

Waste Week - March 5th - 9th 2018

This week, we have been participating in a Waste Week campaign to learn about how much plastic waste we produce and how it is impacting on our planet. We found it really interesting and now understand how we can improve our oceans by recycling our waste if possible. 

All classes took part across the school and produced a variety of work:

Year 6 started us off with a whole school assembly, introducing waste week. Year 5 completed some maths work, creating bar charts of the countries that produce the most waste. Amazingly, they noticed that it was in fact the richer countries (such as the USA and Austrailia) that produce the most plastic waste. Year 3 also created tally charts and bar charts to display the type of waste they collected and how much of each they found. Some Year 2 children created their own homework where they wrote a letter to describe their thoughts and feelings about how plastic waste if affecting the animals in the sea. Year 1 children have been learning about sea ceatures so designed posters to show how we are affecting the world's oceans and the animals within them. Another group of Year 1 children noticed how much plastic waste they walk past on the way to school each morning so decided to collect some of it and bring it in to be recycled - well done guys!

Over all Waste Week has been a huge success and we are now more aware of how much plastic we throw away and what happens to it if we don't recycle. Here's a link to a short video we watched to really emphasise the problem:

Please join our efforts to reduce the worldwide amount of plastic waste and in turn help to improve the ocean environments around us. 

Environmental Review

Recently, a number of our children completed an environmental review which we are going to use to help guide us on how we can improve our school. It focuses on 9 main areas, which the children have assessed. These are:

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Energy
  3. Global Citizenship
  4. Healthy Living
  5. Litter
  6. School Grounds
  7. Transport
  8. Water
  9. Waste

Overall, we are pleased with the outcome of the review but the children feel we still have a lot of work to do. The Eco Council have assessed the review and chosen to work on the 'Waste' section first. Please see the document below for the completed enviromental review.