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Physical Education and School Sport

Education is about fostering academic success, but it is also about developing the whole-child and providing pupils with opportunities to develop physical and social skills, an understanding of healthy lifestyles, and an awareness of their own bodies. We believe that pupils learn a lot in sporting contexts, such as how to work as a team and how to tolerate others, as well as helping to nurture character traits such as perseverance, courage, honesty, respect, fairness and humility, to name a few.

Our mission is to not only provide all pupils with quality, inclusive teaching and learning in PE during school hours, but to also offer them a range of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular sport during lunch-time and after-school clubs. Those that choose to join our clubs are given opportunities to participate in inter-school competitions which provide pupils with platforms to apply skills in competitive contexts such as football, dodgeball, athletics, rugby and golf. For competitions based at Grange, we are always heavily supported by parents, which is great. We mostly compete against other schools in School Games competitions, led by North East Lincolnshire’s School Sport Partnership.


This academic year (2016-2017):

• We have been part of 12 inter-school competitions.

• We have offered 10 extra-curricular clubs throughout the year.

• 47% of KS2 have been involved in extra-curricular sport

• 66% of KS2 pupils involved in extra-curricular sport this year were not active in extra-curricular sport last year.

Grange Teams 2016 -17